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Create Proactive Notification Applications with VoiceModel

The latest release of VoiceModel now provides support for developing Proactive Notification Applications using a telephone.  Proactive notifications are used to notify customers of important events or information that they are interested in.  The media channel currently supported by VoiceModel is voice over the telephone.  Some notification systems also support channels such as SMS and email. An example application would be a pharmacy notifying you that your prescription is ready for pickup.  With VoiceModel you can develop a notification system once and it will run on any VoiceXML compatible IVR or Tropo.

I personally find notification systems very useful.  I like being kept being informed on events like, my Amazon order was delivered, my flight was delayed, or my kid should be bringing home a report card today. This type of notification is beneficial, but I do not like SPAM.  Do not bombard my phone with sales and advertising.  Not only is this annoying, it is illegal. Be sure to un…

Decoupling SimpleMembership From Your ASP.NET MVC Application

I recently came across a question in StackOverflow on making SimpleMembership "N-Tier Friendly".  The author of the question correctly pointed out that the code generated by the Internet template tightly couples SimpleMembership with the rest of the web application, peppering the application with code at the database level. What the author was really looking for was if anyone had taken the time to write SimpleMembership as a separate layer that he could reuse. My answer was that SimpleMembership was designed to be highly customizable and therefore any library written to decouple SimpleMembership from the application would not be reusable. That being said I thought it would be a good exercise to provide an example of how you could go about writing a library that abstracts SimpleMembership and has the features that we have covered so far in this blog, such as email confirmation and basic authentication.  And since I am making the source code available anyone can take this code…

Trouble Deleting Users in SimpleMembership

I came across a question in StackOverflow the other day where someone was having trouble deleting a user in the SimpleMembership provider that is now the default provider in ASP.NET MVC 4 Internet Applications.  The problem he was having was that when he called SimpleMembershipProvider.DeleteUser it was deleting the data in the UserProfile table and not in the webpages_Membership table. First a little bit on what these two tables are about.

SimpleMembership is designed to put the user information in these two tables, which have a one-to-zero-or-one relationship.  The UserProfile table has a unique UserId and a UserName, and UserProfile can be customized by the developer.  This UserId is a foreign key for the webpages_Membership table, which contains the password and other security information in it.  The reason for keeping information in these table separate is that the data in webpages_Membership is not required if OAuth is being used. If OAuth is being used then the password and oth…