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Using External Logins with ASP.NET Identity

A feature request for SimpleSecurity has been the ability to support external logins.  This has been completed and by default it supports login with a Google account.  Google login is enabled because it does not require setup of any accounts on the provider side.  In order to enable other social logins, like Facebook, follow this tutorial for ASP.NET Identity, which will work the same way in SimpleSecurity.

As part of this process I have also upgraded SimpleSecurity to ASP.NET Identity 2.0.  This version of ASP.NET Identity has added missing features that SimpleSecurity already provided, such as email confirmation and password reset.  It has also added some other beneficial features that you can read about here.  Watch for future posts in this blog that will compare how the ASP.NET Identity team implemented email confirmation compared to SimpleSecurity, and I explore some of the other new features.

For those that have not been following the evolution of SimpleSecurity it originally wa…