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CodePlex is Dead. Long Live GitHub

I was very sad to hear about the demise of CodePlex.  I had a couple of open source projects on their site and I loved the tools provided to manage a project, especially the tight integration with Visual Studio.  But alas all good things must come to an end.  Always looking for a positive aspect to all situations, I decided that on the plus side this will force me to learn how to use Git for version control.

I have heard for some time all of the buzz around using Git but was quite content with using Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC).  But even Microsoft is embracing Git and has offered it as an option in Visual Studio for some time now and seems to get all of the new functionality when it come to version control.  Each takes a very different approach to version control, with Git being a distributed solution whereas TFVC is a centralized solution.  Microsoft has a good discussion comparing the two and when to use each in this article, Choosing the right version control for your pr…