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Decoupling ASP.NET Identify From Your MVC 5 Application

For many of the same reasons I created class library that abstracts SimpleMembership I have created a class library for ASP.NET Identity.  I used the same interface I used in SimpleSecurity, which is basically the interface used by the class WebSecurity in SimpleMembership.  The beauty of this approach is that I could take my old models, views, and controllers from an application that used SimpleMembership and now just plugin the new ASP.NET Identity.  The main difference is that anywhere that the user ID that uniquely defines a member is used it is now a string instead of an integer, because that is the default for ASP.NET Identity. There are methods to have it use an integer as well and I am debating incorporating that into this class library.

All of the code for this is open source and available on the SimpleSecurity Project.  Just go to the Source Code page and download it. The class library is located in AspNetIdentity\SimpleSecurity.AspNetIdentity.  The filters for authorization…