Progress on Tropo Integration in VoiceModel

We are making progress on the Tropo integration in VoiceModel.   This will allow applications developed in VoiceModel to run as VoiceXML applications or Tropo applications without any changes.  All you have to do is change your application URL in the platform configuration.  So if you deploy your application at http://myServer/myApp  and  have a VoiceModel controller called myController then the starting URL set in Tropo would be http://myServer/myApp/my/StartTropo.  That is all there is to getting your Tropo application running.

We are going through the sample applications and using them as a test bed.  Just finished the WeatherVoice example which asks the caller to enter their zip code, retrieves the weather conditions for the area from a service, and voices the data back.  Give it a try by getting the latest version in source control. You can run WeatherVoice on either Voxeo's Prophecy IVR (in the cloud or on premise), on any VoiceXML compatible IVR, or on Voxeo's Tropo service.

If you would like to see VoiceModel work on the Twilio service go to the VoiceModel Issue Tracker and vote for this enhancement or add any other feature requests you would like to see.


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