Migrating an Existing Website from SimpleMembership to ASP.NET Identity (Update)

In a previous post I describe how to move the data from a SimpleMembership database to an ASP.NET Identity database.  After some more research I found that the ASP.NET Identity Team has put together a sample solution for migrating from SimpleMembership to ASP.NET Identity that includes some SQL scripts to assist with the migration.  Be sure to check out this solution on CodePlex if you are migrating your SimpleMembership website.

I also realized in my previous post that I did not mention the benefit of using SimpleSecurity in your migration.  SimpleSecurity contains an implementation of ASP.NET Identity that has an API that is a super-set of the WebSecurity class used in SimpleMembership.  This will allow you to plug in ASP.NET Identity into your existing code base with little to no changes. In addition it provides features such as email confirmation during registration and password reset that are not available in the initial release of ASP.NET Identity.

Happy Migrations.


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