Making Mayhem with VoiceModel

I recently used VoiceModel to create an add-on module for Mayhem, an open source project developed by Microsoft that allows non-programmers to use their computers to automate anything.  You can find out more about Mayhem here and about the contest that is running until the end of the month for contributing add-on modules.  I have submitted the add-on module called RemoteCommand which makes it easy to integrate Mayhem with an IVR application.  Watch this video to see how Mayhem, RemoteCommand, and VoiceModel can be used together to automate actions through commands given over the telephone.

The voice application used in this demonstration can be found in the VoiceModel examples found in the source code.  This example demonstrates how to dynamically build speech grammars with VoiceModel. I plan on using this for home automation by creating another Mayhem add-on module for Z-Wave devices.  This will allow for controlling Z-Wave devices in your home with voice commands over the telephone. There are probably other applications. Can you think of any?


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