VoiceModel Mayhem Add-On Wins Honorable Mention

An add-on for the open source project Mayhem that was developed using VoiceModel just won an honorable mention in the Make Mayhem Contest.  There were some pretty cool add-ons developed for Mayhem in this contest and you can view the winners on FaceBook. I recently posted about this add-on and the contest.  You can read about it here.  There was not enough time to submit everything intended for Mayhem in this contest. The way this solution was designed it would be easy to send commands to Mayhem via text messages (SMS) using a service like Tropo or SMSIified.  Work is currently being done to integrate VoiceModel with Tropo which would allow VoiceModel applications to also communicate using SMS.  And it is intended to create an add-on that would control Z-Wave devices in a home for home automation. This would allow you to control lighting and other devices in your home by sending a text message.  Watch this blog for future development.


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